No Problem is too Great to Place in Gods Hands

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Ministries In Our Church

Gathering in Purpose


Our administrators facilitate spiritual based programs like conferences, work-
shops, seminars, camps for our local pastors, youths, women, children to improve
their walk with the Lord and strengthen their bongs with the Lord. These uplifting
programs prepare our attendees to make positive impact at home, work places
and school systems by spreading the love of God. We hereby invite you to join
one or more of the following groups. All the groups are inter-Denominational, feel
free to join us do exploit for the Kingdom of God. Just go to the screen and
register any group of your choice.

1. Missions and evangelism (Et-Word World Outreach)
2. Youth Ministry (E Y C) Et-Word Youth for Christ
3. Women Ministry (E W C) Et-Word Women for Christ
4. Lay Men Ministry (E M C) Et-Word Men for Christ
5. Children Ministry (E C M) ET- Word Children for Christ
6. Orphanage (G S O) The Good Shepherd Orphanage.